Ultherapy for Skin Tightening in Irvine & Orange County

55538d3647055-imageDo you want to enjoy all of the benefits of a facelift without having surgery?  Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure that powerfully tightens and lifts the skin on your face, yielding similar results to a traditional facelift.  Ultherapy utilizes the power of ultrasound to create this skin-tightening effect; the profound heat stimulates and intensifies the production of collagen, which over time creates youth-enhancing results.

Ultherapy is different from other treatments in that it specifically targets the most profound layers of the skin.  Unlike lasers – which are intended to treat shallow wrinkles, folds, and fine lines – Ultherapy specifically targets the deepest layer of skin. Ultherapy can be used alongside laser skin surfacing procedures making this system a flexible alternative for patients searching for non-invasive methods of skin tightening.

A full face-to-neck Ultherapy treatment takes around 45 minutes to an hour and there is zero downtime following this treatment. The number of treatments you’ll require depends upon your skin laxity, in addition to your body’s reaction to the Ultherapy procedure. The final results are visible 2-3 months after your initial treatment.


Ultherapy is perfect for patients who want to have firmer skin without undergoing a painful surgery. While Ultherapy won’t deliver identical results as a facelift, it’s a fantastic option for customers who want a cost-effective and pain free solution to achieve a youthful, vibrant appearance. Ultherapy is also ideal for younger clients who want to maintain their current skin laxity.

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