Cellulite Reduction

Real Irvine Body Contouring client; After 1 treatment; Woman with a lifelong history of cellulite dimples. Runs in her family. Never responded to any other treatment until...Click here for more details
Real Irvine Body Contouring patient, after 1 treatment; Refused to wear a swimsuit all her adult life. Now she is able to wear whatever she...Click here for more details
Real Irvine Body Contouring Patient, after 1 treatment; Embarrassed to wear spandex as her cellulite even showed right through. She now wears her favorite yoga pants and...Click here for more details
Real Irvine Body Contouring patient, after 1 treatment. Tried mesotherapy and liposuction, which resulted in worsening the cellulite condition. Cellfina worked wonders on...Click here for more details
Real Irvine Body Contouring patient; After 1 treatment. Couldn\'t wear her favorite swimsuit. One Cellfina treatment and now she loves going to her favorite...Click here for more details
Real South Coast patient; After 1 treatment. 50+ year old who refused to wear shorts. She was incredulous at the terrific results. She healed within 2...Click here for more details
Real Irvine Body Contouring patient; After 1 treatment.Click here for more details
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