*Individual results may vary

*I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Mark Song and his staff! Not only were they incredibly attentive and thoughtful but genuinely respectful and passionate about their work. I recently had the new Cellfina treatment to remove cellulite and couldn’t be happier. Like so many woman, I’ve been so self-conscience about my back-side for most of my life and felt that there was basically nothing I could do about it. I’m so excited about the results so far (and I’m told I should expect it only to get better!!). The procedure and recovery were relatively easy, some moments of discomfort as a local anesthesia is administered over multiple places and then some soreness for a few days afterwards, but so worth it! Thanks again to Dr. Song and his amazing staff for making it such a great experience. (*Individual results may vary)
-Jen C.

*I recently had the new Cellfina treatment through Dr. Song- First off the procedure was quick, relatively painless and so far the results have been amazing. Secondly Dr. Song and his awesome staff were amazing from consultation to post op. They were incredibly patient, took the time to answer all of my questions, thorough and made me feel very comfortable with not only the procedure but expectations pre and post op. I would highly recommend the Cellfina treatment and proud to offer my review and recommendation to  Dr. Song and his staff. (*Individual results may vary)
-Tawnya M.

*Cellfina…honestly sounded too good to be true. A quick and long lasting treatment to get rid of those not so cute dimples? Yes, please!  No major discomfort. To be honest, the most painful part of the whole things was probably having to look at a blown up picture of my “before” bare bottom. Ha! The biggest surprise was that immediately after the procedure, my deepest dimples were gone. From all the information I read before having the procedure done, it just gets better over time. Dr. Song made sure to check on me several times and even gave me his cell phone number in case of any emergency. NO doctors do that anymore! This is a 5-star review because Dr. Song, his staff and the procedures they perform are VERY deserving. I cannot recommend him enough. (*Individual results may vary)
-Sara A.