Spring and summer are the seasons where we tend to obsess about our looks.  And that’s understandable, right?  After all, we are strutting around in shorts and bikinis much of the time…and we want to feel confident doing it!  But many of us still have patches of cellulite that we can’t seem to eliminate…even with a disciplined diet and exercise regimen.

Fortunately, there are body contouring treatments available that are great for improving the look of the thighs, arms, and buttocks, as well as other body parts…just in time for beach season! Cellfina is one of the newest, most advanced treatments available to fight the appearance of cellulite.

Because cellulite is caused by interwoven fibrous bands of fat beneath the skin’s surface, creams, and other external treatments rarely produce noticeable results. FDA-approved Cellfina is an outpatient procedure that treats unsightly cellulite with long-lasting results. Cellfina uses a minimally-invasive needle to release pressure from the bands of fat, causing the skin to bounce back and smooth out. The treatment only requires local anesthesia and very little downtime. With Cellfina, patients now have a way to directly target areas of stubborn cellulite.

After your treatment, you may want to spend the remainder of your day resting at home, however, some patients feel well enough to continue their normal daily routines. Some mild soreness and bruising are expected the first few days post-treatment.

Benefits of Cellfina include:

  • Long lasting results, up to 2 years!
  • FDA-approved
  • Generally, only 1-2 treatments are needed
  • Minimally invasive with little downtime

If you want long-lasting relief from cellulite, Cellfina may be the perfect solution for you. Call South Coast Plastic Surgery today at 949-701-4454 to schedule your consultation.