celluliteFact: Up to 95% of women suffer from cellulite.  But this fact might not exactly be a comfort, especially when you feel self-conscious about how you look in shorts and miniskirts.  Whether you have cellulite on your legs or dimples on your buttocks, you’re desperate to get rid of those telltale signs of cellulite.

When diet and exercise won’t work, it’s time to get serious about treating your cellulite.  It’s time to experience Cellfina at South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, California.

What Is Cellfina?

Cellfina is an innovative procedure that’s recently been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of cellulite.  This minimally invasive procedure uses the power of microneedling to break up connective bands underneath the skin, which push up the fat tissue to the surface.  This tension creates the dimpling effect that’s so common in cellulite.

As a result, when these connective bands are broken up, the tension is released – and the appearance of cellulite immediately improves!

In fact, most patients only need one Cellfina treatment to see great results.  Many patients do opt for two treatments to get their ideal results.

What To Expect

During your Cellfina treatment, you can expect to experience mild tingling; any discomfort can be treated with numbing cream.  Reduction in cellulite should occur right away, with most patients seeing best results after twelve weeks.  Results can last for longer than three years, making this procedure a great option for long-term cellulite relief.

Downtime is minimal; side effects can include slight swelling and bruising at the treatment site.

SculpSure Body Contouring at South Coast Plastic Surgery

Don’t let cellulite hold you back from feeling as confident as you deserve to be.  Schedule your Cellfina consultation today at South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine.  South Coast Plastic Surgery serves the greater Orange County area.