Body contouring procedures have become extremely popular. The first body contouring procedures involved surgical excision of skin and fat. While results were appealing, many patients did not want or need to undergo invasive surgery. A variety of non-invasive procedures were created to provide patients with alternative treatment options. Dr. Mark Song, our South Coast Plastic Surgery body contouring specialist, helps patients achieve their ideal body image using non-invasive SculpSure and Ultherapy treatments.


Fat in “problem areas” can be really hard to get rid of. Diet and exercise never seem to be enough and surgery is usually far too drastic a treatment option. To help patients contour the abdomen, flank, outer thighs, back, arms, and/or buttocks, Dr. Song performs a series of ScuplSure treatments. Patients love the treatments for the following reasons:

  • They are only 25-minutes long
  • There is no downtime or recovery
  • Results are permanent

During treatments, a laser heats fat cells and causes lipolysis, or fat cell death. Dr. Song takes special measures to ensure little, if any, discomfort is felt during treatments. Initial results are seen 4-6-weeks after treatment. Final results are seen between 6-12-weeks. Dr. Song recommends a 3-treatment package for maximum results.


Ultherapy uses ultrasound to lift and tighten skin by boosting collagen production. Ultherapy is FDA-approved to treat the neck, chin, and chest. It is a great non-invasive alternative to a facelift. Treatment of the neck and chin usually take about 60-90-minutes and treatment of the chest takes about 30. To ensure patients feel no discomfort or pain, Dr. Song offers oral pain medication prior to treatment, applies a topical anesthetic to the area being treated, and uses Pro-Nox Medical Nitrous Oxide. There is no downtime or recovery after treatment. Results are seen in 2-3-months and are long-lasting. Final results include a rejuvenated, youthful appearance of the treated area.

Scheduling an Initial Consultation with Dr. Mark Song

We are always ready to help patients reach their aesthetic goals. If you are interested in non-invasive body contouring treatments, you can take the first step toward your desired body image by scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Mark Song. Our patient coordinator, Andrea Olson, may be reached at (949) 701-4454. She will guide you through the scheduling process and give you all the information you need before your initial consultation at our South Coast Plastic Surgery office in Irvine, CA. You may also contact us online by visiting our contact page.